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Ratings & Reviews

  1. nadka's rating of the film We Don't Need a Map

    maybe not the most subtle and artistic approach towards documentary filmmaking, but, hell, it is important...

  2. Renton47's rating of the film We Don't Need a Map

    It's a completely shaggy experience, but Thornton never pretends he's doing other than crafting a casual but insightful view of Australian history with puppets. And did I mention punk? Great soundtrack, with some really scrappy sound production and editing, all while somehow making the Dreamtime sections humbling and the academic bits thrilling. I wanna gift it to every racist relative - awesome.

  3. Matt Richards's rating of the film We Don't Need a Map

    A massive job cobbling this together and kudos for finding a poetic ending. It's rough around the edges; hinging on candid interviews with the director both shooting and chatting and set against a perfectly abrasive soundtrack. Playful puppet sequences and time-lapse photography usher the audience through difficult questions of occupation, identity and another way to view the southern cross . 3.5 stars