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  1. Photo of Hasse Ekman

    Hasse Ekman Director

  2. Photo of Herbert Grevenius

    Herbert Grevenius Screenplay

  3. Photo of Olof Molander

    Olof Molander Screenplay

  4. Photo of Maj-Britt Nilsson

    Maj-Britt Nilsson Cast

  5. Photo of Sven-Eric Gamble

    Sven-Eric Gamble Cast

  6. Photo of Per Oscarsson

    Per Oscarsson Cast

  7. Photo of Karl Gerhardt

    Karl Gerhardt Cast

  8. Photo of Olof Winnerstrand

    Olof Winnerstrand Cast

  9. Photo of Gunnel Broström

    Gunnel Broström Cast

  10. Photo of Gunnar Björnstrand

    Gunnar Björnstrand Cast

  11. Photo of Åke Grönberg

    Åke Grönberg Cast

  12. Photo of Claes Thelander

    Claes Thelander Cast

  13. Photo of Douglas Håge

    Douglas Håge Cast

  14. Photo of Inga Gill

    Inga Gill Cast

  15. Photo of Gunnar Fischer

    Gunnar Fischer Cinematography

  16. Photo of Lille Bror Söderlundh

    Lille Bror Söderlundh Music

  17. Photo of Hans Lagerkvist

    Hans Lagerkvist Editing