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  1. Photo of Emilio Fernández

    Emilio Fernández Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of María Luisa Algarra

    María Luisa Algarra Screenplay

  3. Photo of Enrique Llovet

    Enrique Llovet Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rossana Podestà

    Rossana Podestà Cast

  5. Photo of Marco Vicario

    Marco Vicario Cast

  6. Photo of Tito Junco

    Tito Junco Cast

  7. Photo of José María Lado

    José María Lado Cast

  8. Photo of Irene Caba Alba

    Irene Caba Alba Cast

  9. Photo of Félix Fernández

    Félix Fernández Cast

  10. Photo of Santiago Rivero

    Santiago Rivero Cast

  11. Photo of Julio Goróstegui

    Julio Goróstegui Cast

  12. Photo of Jesús Rancaño

    Jesús Rancaño Cast

  13. Photo of Julia Delgado Caro

    Julia Delgado Caro Cast

  14. Photo of Félix Briones

    Félix Briones Cast

  15. Photo of Elvira Real

    Elvira Real Cast

  16. Photo of Julia Caba Alba

    Julia Caba Alba Cast

  17. Photo of Emilio Rodríguez

    Emilio Rodríguez Cast

  18. Photo of Aníbal Vela

    Aníbal Vela Cast

  19. Photo of Ángel Álvarez

    Ángel Álvarez Cast

  20. Photo of Alex Phillips

    Alex Phillips Cinematography

  21. Photo of Isidro B. Maiztegui

    Isidro B. Maiztegui Music

  22. Photo of Eduardo Torre de la Fuente

    Eduardo Torre de la Fuente Production Design

  23. Photo of Salvador Elizondo

    Salvador Elizondo Producer

  24. Photo of Jesús Franco

    Jesús Franco Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Antonio Gimeno

    Antonio Gimeno Editing

  26. Photo of Antonio Alfonso

    Antonio Alfonso Sound