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  1. Photo of Martin de Thurah

    Martin de Thurah Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marcella Almasy

    Marcella Almasy Producer

  3. Photo of Charlie Gaugler

    Charlie Gaugler Producer

  4. Photo of Jesper Morthorst

    Jesper Morthorst Producer

  5. Photo of Birgitte Skov

    Birgitte Skov Producer

  6. Photo of Sanne Munk Jensen

    Sanne Munk Jensen Screenplay

  7. Photo of Jannik Tai Mosholt

    Jannik Tai Mosholt Screenplay

  8. Photo of Rasmus Videbæk

    Rasmus Videbæk Cinematography

  9. Photo of Tobias Mikkel Jørgensen

    Tobias Mikkel Jørgensen Cast

  10. Photo of Coco Hjardemaal

    Coco Hjardemaal Cast

  11. Photo of Kian Nyby-Knudsen

    Kian Nyby-Knudsen Cast

  12. Photo of Ilmo Simonsen

    Ilmo Simonsen Cast

  13. Photo of Claus Flygare

    Claus Flygare Cast

  14. Photo of Levente Polgár

    Levente Polgár Cast

  15. Photo of Piroska Szabady

    Piroska Szabady Cast and Production Design

  16. Photo of August Igor Svideniouk Egholm

    August Igor Svideniouk Egholm Cast

  17. Photo of Ida Bregninge

    Ida Bregninge Editing

  18. Photo of Jonas Bjerre

    Jonas Bjerre Music

  19. Photo of Jakob Garfield

    Jakob Garfield Sound