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  1. Photo of Georges Dumoulin

    Georges Dumoulin Director

  2. Photo of Catherine Varlin

    Catherine Varlin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Richard Leduc

    Richard Leduc Cast

  4. Photo of Marie-France Pisier

    Marie-France Pisier Cast

  5. Photo of Siegfried Rauch

    Siegfried Rauch Cast

  6. Photo of Jacques Higelin

    Jacques Higelin Cast

  7. Photo of Georges Claisse

    Georges Claisse Cast

  8. Photo of Sylvain Joubert

    Sylvain Joubert Cast

  9. Photo of Serge Rousseau

    Serge Rousseau Cast

  10. Photo of Jean-Pierre Ducos

    Jean-Pierre Ducos Cast

  11. Photo of Georges Beller

    Georges Beller Cast

  12. Photo of Vania Vilers

    Vania Vilers Cast

  13. Photo of Henri Déus

    Henri Déus Cast

  14. Photo of François Marthouret

    François Marthouret Cast

  15. Photo of Claude Confortes

    Claude Confortes Cast

  16. Photo of Frantz Wolf

    Frantz Wolf Cast

  17. Photo of Georges Rouquier

    Georges Rouquier Cast

  18. Photo of Romain Bouteille

    Romain Bouteille Cast

  19. Photo of Jacques Masson

    Jacques Masson Cast

  20. Photo of Alain Derobe

    Alain Derobe Cinematography

  21. Photo of Michel Sendrez

    Michel Sendrez Music