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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dzimas's rating of the film We Will Riot

    I've seen some pretty bad movies over the years, but this one has to take the cake. Romas apparently used a Gus Van Zant recommendation to kickstart the funding for this project What was ostensibly supposed to be a film dealing with Lithuanian homophobia turns it into a ludicrous tale of the Vilnius underground nightclub scene, with just about everything gone awry.

  2. d's rating of the film We Will Riot

    i can admit i was inspired by this, anyway, it's first lithuanians director attempt at trying to making a western-orientated movie. respect for that!

  3. Rugpjute's rating of the film We Will Riot

    gay kissing - check! black skin man in Lithuania - check! black skin man is talking in Lithuanian - check! racism in Lithuania - check! underground life style - check! gay rights - check! corrupted government - check! kind of sex scene - check! family troubles - check! and of course New Yorker will change corrupted Lithuania with his inspiring and motivating speech. The END