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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Letizia Aufort's rating of the film Weaknesses

    Neither exciting nor aesthetic for my taste. The acting is not engaging and sound engineering is weak.

  2. Arijit Ghosh's rating of the film Weaknesses

    A brief encounter in sexual politics told stylishly with cold-detachment.

  3. Poonam123's rating of the film Weaknesses

  4. irises's rating of the film Weaknesses

  5. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film Weaknesses

    An attempt to depict the uneasiness involved in sex domination. Silence, breath, introspective looks, to name a few, are the body tools used by the actors. Although they didn't achieve excellence, they did manage to create a tense atmosphere which keeps you on hold. Maybe it was the absence of a climax, but in one way or the other I just wasn't convinced enough.

  6. Nilbaran's rating of the film Weaknesses

  7. micol cavuoto mei's rating of the film Weaknesses

    beautiful shots, loved the colors and the 'blind' girl is so expressive. interesting opened window on the depth of dominating relationship

  8. MaxTarpini's rating of the film Weaknesses

    Very amateurish film. If for amateurish, we intend the art of bringing nothing to the nothing. 27 minutes of nothing. Nope, that's not kinda avangarde ^^ And realize, that sooner or later she'll look around to find someone that will fuck and dominate her for real. There's no sex here, nor domination, neither sharing or feelings.

  9. Staralfur's rating of the film Weaknesses

    I find this extremely erotic and sense provoking, but I think it's unnecessarily long. Loved the blackouts and the sensation of not knowing what happening around, if the man's approaching or what will he do. Nevertheless, the story is full of flaws, the characters just interact but never connect (not even with the audience) and, in the end, it was just a 27 minute short film with 20 minutes of bizarre sex.

  10. eternal_sunshine93's rating of the film Weaknesses

    Strange and sensual, but it is impossible to shake a feeling that something sinister is at work. The shots are sparse and very beautiful, and I love the pitch black cuts that obscure the action, but the relationship, to me, was a tad disturbing, though I liked the uneasiness as it set up some tension and a possible shift in power. Overall very pretty, and in a style I am quite fond of.

  11. Sunday filmmaker's rating of the film Weaknesses

    The pitch black POV shots are a nice touch. The film has some interesting things to say about who is dominating who in their relationship.