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  1. Photo of Francois Villiers

    Francois Villiers Director

  2. Photo of Jacques Sigurd

    Jacques Sigurd Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jean-Pierre Ferrière

    Jean-Pierre Ferrière Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michèle Morgan

    Michèle Morgan Cast

  5. Photo of Dany Saval

    Dany Saval Cast

  6. Photo of Simón Andreu

    Simón Andreu Cast

  7. Photo of Maria Pacôme

    Maria Pacôme Cast

  8. Photo of Claude Rich

    Claude Rich Cast

  9. Photo of George Rigaud

    George Rigaud Cast

  10. Photo of Carlos Casaravilla

    Carlos Casaravilla Cast

  11. Photo of Manuel Berenguer

    Manuel Berenguer Cinematography

  12. Photo of Claude Bolling

    Claude Bolling Music

  13. Photo of Pierre-Louis Thevenet

    Pierre-Louis Thevenet Production Design

  14. Photo of Almos Mezo

    Almos Mezo Producer

  15. Photo of Christian Gaudin

    Christian Gaudin Editing