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  1. Photo of Niko von Glasow

    Niko von Glasow Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Anna Dabrowska

    Anna Dabrowska Cast

  3. Photo of Krzysztof Sapkowski

    Krzysztof Sapkowski Cast

  4. Photo of Blazej Peszek

    Blazej Peszek Cast

  5. Photo of Christina Ormani

    Christina Ormani Cast

  6. Photo of Agnieszka Zarzycka

    Agnieszka Zarzycka Cast

  7. Photo of Norbert Mazurkiewicz

    Norbert Mazurkiewicz Cast

  8. Photo of Dorota Dabek

    Dorota Dabek Cast

  9. Photo of Anna Ciszowska

    Anna Ciszowska Cast

  10. Photo of Katarzyna Weglicka

    Katarzyna Weglicka Cast

  11. Photo of Stanislaw Jaskulka

    Stanislaw Jaskulka Cast

  12. Photo of Maria Graczyk

    Maria Graczyk Cast

  13. Photo of Stanislaw Olczyk

    Stanislaw Olczyk Cast

  14. Photo of Emanuel Kraus

    Emanuel Kraus Cast

  15. Photo of Mariusz Saniternik

    Mariusz Saniternik Cast

  16. Photo of Hanna Molenda

    Hanna Molenda Cast

  17. Photo of Leon Charewicz

    Leon Charewicz Cast

  18. Photo of Iwona Bielska

    Iwona Bielska Cast

  19. Photo of Jan Peszek

    Jan Peszek Cast

  20. Photo of Mikolaj Grabowski

    Mikolaj Grabowski Cast

  21. Photo of Tadeusz Slobodzianek

    Tadeusz Slobodzianek Cast

  22. Photo of Jolanta Dylewska

    Jolanta Dylewska Cinematography

  23. Photo of Jacek Wasowski

    Jacek Wasowski Music

  24. Photo of Wanda Zeman

    Wanda Zeman Editing

  25. Photo of Marek Wronko

    Marek Wronko Sound