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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Wedding in White

    It's about raging alcoholics. Nothing but drinking and smoking, and smoking and drinking. Also more drinking. I think somewhere along the way there might have also been a rape and a wedding.

  2. JoAnne Voightlander's rating of the film Wedding in White

    Aaaarrgh. Self-congratulatory, self-important, self-righteous, drunken troglodyte brutes. By the time the film has exhausted itself and you're staring while the credits roll over the last, ruthlessly framed shot, you might want to nuke that whole worthless town. Okay. All of this means: the movie is *very good*. Merciless, but so well constructed you will probably never forget it. TW: 1 rape scene; abuse by parents.

  3. Carmen's rating of the film Wedding in White

    I find the copy Mubi shares very difficult to watch because a screeching sound throughout the film distracts from enjoying the work.

  4. Paul Davidson's rating of the film Wedding in White

    She should have pushed him down the stairs at the end.

  5. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Wedding in White

    Hard to take the subject matter (the outdated and ignorant mores and moral codes of the 1940s) seriously when all of the characters are grotesque caricatures.

  6. Symphul's rating of the film Wedding in White

    Carol Kane made me watch this movie. Despite the film's Canadian nationality, I was lost in the strangely foreign yet culturally accessible world of old, white veterans drinking their problems away at their local Veterans Bar. It was too familiar. The domestication of women and the abuse they face is not an exaggeration, and this movie helps us to understand the process by which women are systemically abused.

  7. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Wedding in White

    Heart-wrenching and unfair in many ways. Hard for me to get past the terrible misogyny in this film. Given the director's future career as a schlocky horror director, it would have been a GREAT film if Carol Kane had pulled out a butcher knife at the end and butchered everyone in the living room. Now I could have DEFINITELY gotten behind that.

  8. Jalise's rating of the film Wedding in White

    Carol Kane is such a brilliant actress. luv ha <3

  9. Dogville59's rating of the film Wedding in White

    Being Canadian I appreciate a good Canadian movie and this film did not disappoint. The recreation of 1940's Ontario town life was amazing. This is a film about the repurcussions of the moral codes of the 1940's on an innocent young girl. It is well acted and devastating as it should be to serve as a warning of what could be should society regress. It is also a reminder of how far we have come.