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  1. msmichel's rating of the film Weddings and Babies

    A perfect slice of 1950's New York and of a couple who haven't quite cut their piece out of the American dream. John Myhers and Viveca Lindfors are both stunning here as a wedding photographer and his girlfriend. He is restless and wanting more while she just wants to settle down and start a family and not wait for the pie in the sky to fall. Timeless in a way that many films should aspire to be.

  2. christian's rating of the film Weddings and Babies

    I loved this movie... Not because of any happy endings. But because it was real. And made me feel. I agree w the other reviewers that Bea and the mother were the most interesting characters. The main actor played a supremely self-involved character. Bea deserved much better. And so did his mom who was so sweet. Bravo to the film-makers!

  3. Sal Gal's rating of the film Weddings and Babies

    Great photography! Never saw this one...a little ahead of it's time.

  4. G.'s rating of the film Weddings and Babies

    Splendid! If it's at all autobiographical, wonder if it explains Engel's subsequent absence from film... perhaps he chose to devote his time to Orkin instead? Romantic notion, but he strikes one as the type. Also, if you feel John Myhers did a terrible job because he spends the film pouting and sulking and complaining and generally being a big baby... well I believe that was the point.

  5. Corey's rating of the film Weddings and Babies

    Maybe I don't like early independent films? Haha, just found it boring... and another annoying child...

  6. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Weddings and Babies

    (2.5 stars) Very ho-hum drama about a couple bickering over love and marriage. Hubby doesn't want to get married, wifey does. Viveca Lindfors ,who is radiant, acts circles around her counterpart John Myhers who is an absolute TERRIBLE actor. The mother plotline was the one I was most interested in throughout the film. It had the most emotional heft for me. The rest was just mundane and uninteresting.

  7. shalini14.utest's rating of the film Weddings and Babies

  8. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Weddings and Babies

    Test for invisible cap: you've succeeded in making an intimate véritéish drama when viewers peer lost around themselves as if they entered the wrong door, aware they don't belong as third parties in this domestic argument, that harmonious respite, amidst affective neuralgias and quiet cris de coeur, fitting in Anne Sexton's definition of writer as a spy, only now it's the watcher blending with the prying all-eye air.

  9. azoulay's rating of the film Weddings and Babies

    Légèreté, naturel, images, quotidien des années 60 le début d'un nouveau style comme une nouvelle vague qui va venir. Un noir et blanc très photogénique des acteurs qui jouent comme on vit Mais le plus beau Morris Engel reste quand même Le Petit Fugitif car l'histoire contrairement à ici y est beaucoup moins futile

  10. Julie & Félix's rating of the film Weddings and Babies