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  1. Photo of Stere Gulea

    Stere Gulea Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Vera Ion

    Vera Ion Screenplay

  3. Photo of Andrei Boncea

    Andrei Boncea Producer

  4. Photo of Iuliana Tarnovetchi

    Iuliana Tarnovetchi Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Jeremy Adelman

    Jeremy Adelman Music

  6. Photo of Marius Panduru

    Marius Panduru Cinematography

  7. Photo of Alexandra Gulea

    Alexandra Gulea Editing

  8. Photo of Maria Peici

    Maria Peici Production Design

  9. Photo of Christinel Sirli

    Christinel Sirli Sound

  10. Photo of Medeea Marinescu

    Medeea Marinescu Cast

  11. Photo of Adela Popescu

    Adela Popescu Cast

  12. Photo of Tudor Istodor

    Tudor Istodor Cast

  13. Photo of Ion Sapdaru

    Ion Sapdaru Cast

  14. Photo of Constantin Ghenescu

    Constantin Ghenescu Cast

  15. Photo of Gheorghe Dinică

    Gheorghe Dinică Cast

  16. Photo of Andi Vasluianu

    Andi Vasluianu Cast

  17. Photo of Ecaterina Nazare

    Ecaterina Nazare Cast

  18. Photo of Nicoleta Costache Laura

    Nicoleta Costache Laura Cast

  19. Photo of Florin Zamfirescu

    Florin Zamfirescu Cast

  20. Photo of Răzvan Vasilescu

    Răzvan Vasilescu Cast

  21. Photo of Serban Georgevici

    Serban Georgevici Cast

  22. Photo of Marinela Chelaru

    Marinela Chelaru Cast

  23. Photo of Iulian Postelnicu

    Iulian Postelnicu Cast

  24. Photo of Iulian Ursu

    Iulian Ursu Cast

  25. Photo of Cornel Scripcaru

    Cornel Scripcaru Cast