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  1. Photo of Yûsuke Yamamoto (I)

    Yûsuke Yamamoto (I) Director

  2. Photo of Jirô Fujimoto

    Jirô Fujimoto Director

  3. Photo of Ken Katô

    Ken Katô Director

  4. Photo of Yutaka Koizumi

    Yutaka Koizumi Voice

  5. Photo of Yui Makino

    Yui Makino Voice

  6. Photo of Daisuke Sakaguchi

    Daisuke Sakaguchi Voice

  7. Photo of Sanae Kobayashi

    Sanae Kobayashi Voice

  8. Photo of Risa Hayamizu

    Risa Hayamizu Voice

  9. Photo of Rumi Shishido

    Rumi Shishido Voice

  10. Photo of Nobuo Tobita

    Nobuo Tobita Voice

  11. Photo of Yoku Shioya

    Yoku Shioya Voice

  12. Photo of Wataru Hatano

    Wataru Hatano Voice

  13. Photo of Junko Iwao

    Junko Iwao Voice

  14. Photo of Akinori Mishima

    Akinori Mishima Editing