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  1. Photo of Philip Brandon

    Philip Brandon Director

  2. Photo of George Formby

    George Formby Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Vera Lynn

    Vera Lynn Cast

  4. Photo of Geraldo

    Geraldo Cast

  5. Photo of Patricia Roc

    Patricia Roc Cast

  6. Photo of Ronald Ward

    Ronald Ward Cast

  7. Photo of Donald Gray

    Donald Gray Cast

  8. Photo of Frederick Leister

    Frederick Leister Cast

  9. Photo of Betty Jardine

    Betty Jardine Cast

  10. Photo of Brefni O'Rorke

    Brefni O'Rorke Cast

  11. Photo of Marian Spencer

    Marian Spencer Cast

  12. Photo of Lesley Osmond

    Lesley Osmond Cast

  13. Photo of Aubrey Mallalieu

    Aubrey Mallalieu Cast

  14. Photo of Molly Raynor

    Molly Raynor Cast

  15. Photo of John L. Arthur

    John L. Arthur Screenplay

  16. Photo of James Seymour

    James Seymour Screenplay

  17. Photo of Derek Sheils

    Derek Sheils Screenplay

  18. Photo of Howard Thomas

    Howard Thomas Screenplay

  19. Photo of Ben Henry

    Ben Henry Producer

  20. Photo of Stephen Dade

    Stephen Dade Cinematography

  21. Photo of Alan Jaggs

    Alan Jaggs Editing

  22. Photo of C. Wilfred Arnold

    C. Wilfred Arnold Production Design

  23. Photo of George Provis

    George Provis Production Design