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  1. Photo of Attila Gigor

    Attila Gigor Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Péter Jankovics

    Péter Jankovics Cast

  3. Photo of Zsolt Kovács

    Zsolt Kovács Cast

  4. Photo of Nóra Trokán

    Nóra Trokán Cast

  5. Photo of Niké Kurta

    Niké Kurta Cast

  6. Photo of Roland Tzafetás

    Roland Tzafetás Cast

  7. Photo of Lia Pokorny

    Lia Pokorny Cast

  8. Photo of Dorottya Udvaros

    Dorottya Udvaros Cast

  9. Photo of Csaba Horváth

    Csaba Horváth Cast

  10. Photo of Zsolt László

    Zsolt László Cast

  11. Photo of Irma Milovic

    Irma Milovic Cast

  12. Photo of Máté Herbai

    Máté Herbai Cinematography

  13. Photo of Péter Kunert

    Péter Kunert Music

  14. Photo of Pater Sparrow

    Pater Sparrow Production Design

  15. Photo of Ferenc Pusztai

    Ferenc Pusztai Producer and Cast

  16. Photo of Wanda Kiss

    Wanda Kiss Editing