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  1. Photo of Norman Taurog

    Norman Taurog Director

  2. Photo of J.M. Barrie

    J.M. Barrie Screenplay

  3. Photo of Walton Hall Smith

    Walton Hall Smith Screenplay

  4. Photo of Horace Jackson

    Horace Jackson Screenplay

  5. Photo of Francis Martin

    Francis Martin Screenplay

  6. Photo of George Marion Jr.

    George Marion Jr. Screenplay

  7. Photo of Bing Crosby

    Bing Crosby Cast

  8. Photo of Carole Lombard

    Carole Lombard Cast

  9. Photo of George Burns

    George Burns Cast

  10. Photo of Gracie Allen

    Gracie Allen Cast

  11. Photo of Ethel Merman

    Ethel Merman Cast

  12. Photo of Leon Errol

    Leon Errol Cast

  13. Photo of Ray Milland

    Ray Milland Cast

  14. Photo of Jay Henry

    Jay Henry Cast

  15. Photo of Charles Lang

    Charles Lang Cinematography

  16. Photo of Howard Jackson

    Howard Jackson Music

  17. Photo of Benjamin Glazer

    Benjamin Glazer Producer and Screenplay

  18. Photo of Emanuel Cohen

    Emanuel Cohen Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Stuart Heisler

    Stuart Heisler Editing