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  1. Egoisms's rating of the film Werewolf Orderlies

    Odd & carnivalesque. Yufit was a radical underground filmmaker whose films grew out of the anarchic desire to rebel & to have fun, which under extreme Soviet repression were one & the same. WO, his 1st film, is both pure play--he made it on the spur of the drunken moment--& commentary: the final image is symbolic of Soviet optimism, making the rest of the film a metaphor for the deadly hypocrisy of Soviet communism.

  2. In Prague's rating of the film Werewolf Orderlies

    Lately my sympathy heads toward things with the blind attraction of snooker balls with magnetized core. I engraft myself with seeming easiness, inseparable and self-forgetting like a clamshell on a ship bottom, a limestone eye with severed nerves, or a dragonfly with ankh-shaped wings implanted on a stele. I let the thing journey me through absurd plights, I don’t ponder too much over the hybrid union suggestive of