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  1. Photo of Max Ophüls

    Max Ophüls Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hans Wilhelm

    Hans Wilhelm Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fernand Crommelynck

    Fernand Crommelynck Screenplay

  5. Photo of Pierre Richard-Willm

    Pierre Richard-Willm Cast

  6. Photo of Annie Vernay

    Annie Vernay Cast

  7. Photo of Jean Galland

    Jean Galland Cast

  8. Photo of Jean Périer

    Jean Périer Cast

  9. Photo of Henri Guisol

    Henri Guisol Cast

  10. Photo of Roger Legris

    Roger Legris Cast

  11. Photo of Georges Vitray

    Georges Vitray Cast

  12. Photo of Jean Buquet

    Jean Buquet Cast

  13. Photo of Philippe Richard

    Philippe Richard Cast

  14. Photo of Geno Ferny

    Geno Ferny Cast

  15. Photo of Léonce Corne

    Léonce Corne Cast

  16. Photo of Denise Kerny

    Denise Kerny Cast

  17. Photo of Edmond Beauchamp

    Edmond Beauchamp Cast

  18. Photo of Charles Nossent

    Charles Nossent Cast

  19. Photo of Paulette Pax

    Paulette Pax Cast

  20. Photo of Fédote Bourgasoff

    Fédote Bourgasoff Cinematography

  21. Photo of Paul Portier

    Paul Portier Cinematography

  22. Photo of Eugen Schüfftan

    Eugen Schüfftan Cinematography

  23. Photo of Paul Dessau

    Paul Dessau Music

  24. Photo of Eugène Lourié

    Eugène Lourié Production Design

  25. Photo of Seymour Nebenzal

    Seymour Nebenzal Producer

  26. Photo of Gérard Bensdorp

    Gérard Bensdorp Editing

  27. Photo of Jean Sacha

    Jean Sacha Editing