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  1. Photo of Jerome Robbins

    Jerome Robbins Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Arthur Laurents

    Arthur Laurents Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ernest Lehman

    Ernest Lehman Screenplay

  4. Photo of William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare Screenplay

  5. Photo of Natalie Wood

    Natalie Wood Cast

  6. Photo of Richard Beymer

    Richard Beymer Cast

  7. Photo of Russ Tamblyn

    Russ Tamblyn Cast

  8. Photo of Rita Moreno

    Rita Moreno Cast

  9. Photo of George Chakiris

    George Chakiris Cast

  10. Photo of Simon Oakland

    Simon Oakland Cast

  11. Photo of Ned Glass

    Ned Glass Cast

  12. Photo of William Bramley

    William Bramley Cast

  13. Photo of Tucker Smith

    Tucker Smith Cast

  14. Photo of Tony Mordente

    Tony Mordente Cast

  15. Photo of Daniel L. Fapp

    Daniel L. Fapp Cinematography

  16. Photo of Leonard Bernstein

    Leonard Bernstein Music

  17. Photo of Irwin Kostal

    Irwin Kostal Music

  18. Photo of Boris Leven

    Boris Leven Production Design

  19. Photo of Robert Wise

    Robert Wise Producer and Director

  20. Photo of Walter Mirisch

    Walter Mirisch Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Thomas Stanford

    Thomas Stanford Editing

  22. Photo of Fred Lau

    Fred Lau Sound

  23. Photo of Gilbert D. Marchant

    Gilbert D. Marchant Sound

  24. Photo of Murray Spivack

    Murray Spivack Sound

  25. Photo of Vinton Vernon

    Vinton Vernon Sound