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  1. Photo of Egbert Hörmann

    Egbert Hörmann Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sigurd Rachman

    Sigurd Rachman Cast

  3. Photo of Rainer Strecker

    Rainer Strecker Cast

  4. Photo of Andy Lucas

    Andy Lucas Cast

  5. Photo of Frank Rediess

    Frank Rediess Cast

  6. Photo of Andreas Bernhardt

    Andreas Bernhardt Cast

  7. Photo of Sasha Kogo

    Sasha Kogo Cast

  8. Photo of Hans-Jürgen Punte

    Hans-Jürgen Punte Cast

  9. Photo of Zazie de Paris

    Zazie de Paris Cast

  10. Photo of Harry Baer

    Harry Baer Cast

  11. Photo of Christoph Eichhorn

    Christoph Eichhorn Cast

  12. Photo of Thomas Kretschmann

    Thomas Kretschmann Cast

  13. Photo of George Stamkoski

    George Stamkoski Cast

  14. Photo of Engelbert Rehm

    Engelbert Rehm Music

  15. Photo of Klemens Becker

    Klemens Becker Cinematography

  16. Photo of Gabriele Bartels

    Gabriele Bartels Editing

  17. Photo of Wieland Speck

    Wieland Speck Editing, Director, Screenplay

  18. Photo of Andreas Schreitmüller

    Andreas Schreitmüller Producer

  19. Photo of Herbert Weinand

    Herbert Weinand Production Design