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  1. Photo of Claus Falkenberg

    Claus Falkenberg Screenplay

  2. Photo of David Wnendt

    David Wnendt Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Sabine Pochhammer

    Sabine Pochhammer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Carla Juri

    Carla Juri Cast

  5. Photo of Christoph Letkowski

    Christoph Letkowski Cast

  6. Photo of Meret Becker

    Meret Becker Cast

  7. Photo of Peri Baumeister

    Peri Baumeister Cast

  8. Photo of Fred Aaron Blake

    Fred Aaron Blake Cast

  9. Photo of Marlen Kruse

    Marlen Kruse Cast

  10. Photo of Anna König

    Anna König Cast

  11. Photo of Axel Milberg

    Axel Milberg Cast

  12. Photo of Christian Natter

    Christian Natter Cast

  13. Photo of Monika Obmalko

    Monika Obmalko Cast

  14. Photo of Amelie Plaas-Link

    Amelie Plaas-Link Cast

  15. Photo of Florian Rummel

    Florian Rummel Cast

  16. Photo of Pia Röver

    Pia Röver Cast

  17. Photo of Edgar Selge

    Edgar Selge Cast

  18. Photo of Selam Tadese

    Selam Tadese Cast

  19. Photo of Jakub Bejnarowicz

    Jakub Bejnarowicz Cinematography

  20. Photo of Enis Rotthoff

    Enis Rotthoff Music

  21. Photo of Jenny Rösler

    Jenny Rösler Production Design

  22. Photo of Peter Rommel

    Peter Rommel Producer

  23. Photo of Andreas Wodraschke

    Andreas Wodraschke Editing