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  1. Photo of Janko Baljak

    Janko Baljak Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ivan Markov

    Ivan Markov Director

  3. Photo of Predrag Velinović

    Predrag Velinović Director and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Zoran Bačić

    Zoran Bačić Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ivan Lalić

    Ivan Lalić Screenplay

  6. Photo of Ivan Panić

    Ivan Panić Screenplay

  7. Photo of Dragan Jovanovic

    Dragan Jovanovic Cast

  8. Photo of Nebojša Ljubišić

    Nebojša Ljubišić Cast

  9. Photo of Dejan Matić

    Dejan Matić Cast

  10. Photo of Nikola Kojo

    Nikola Kojo Cast

  11. Photo of Nenad Nenadović

    Nenad Nenadović Cast

  12. Photo of Vladan Dujović

    Vladan Dujović Cast

  13. Photo of Ružica Sokić

    Ružica Sokić Cast

  14. Photo of Predrag Tomanović

    Predrag Tomanović Cast

  15. Photo of Vesna Stanojevic

    Vesna Stanojevic Cast

  16. Photo of Milan Erak

    Milan Erak Cast

  17. Photo of Duško Filipović

    Duško Filipović Cinematography

  18. Photo of Jovan Milinov

    Jovan Milinov Cinematography

  19. Photo of Stevica Mirić

    Stevica Mirić Cinematography

  20. Photo of Dušan Petrović

    Dušan Petrović Music

  21. Photo of Zoran Stojić

    Zoran Stojić Music

  22. Photo of Andrijana Desnica

    Andrijana Desnica Production Design

  23. Photo of Tanja Đošić

    Tanja Đošić Production Design

  24. Photo of Goran Joksimovic

    Goran Joksimovic Production Design

  25. Photo of Stevan Petrovic

    Stevan Petrovic Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Lidija Pekić

    Lidija Pekić Editing

  27. Photo of Vladimir Šojat

    Vladimir Šojat Editing

  28. Photo of Dušanka Vujović

    Dušanka Vujović Editing

  29. Photo of Biljana Kecman

    Biljana Kecman Costume Design

  30. Photo of Svetlana Kostić

    Svetlana Kostić Costume Design

  31. Photo of Anela Takač

    Anela Takač Costume Design