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  1. Photo of Blake Edwards

    Blake Edwards Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of William Peter Blatty

    William Peter Blatty Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maurice Richlin

    Maurice Richlin Screenplay

  4. Photo of James Coburn

    James Coburn Cast

  5. Photo of Dick Shawn

    Dick Shawn Cast

  6. Photo of Sergio Fantoni

    Sergio Fantoni Cast

  7. Photo of Giovanna Ralli

    Giovanna Ralli Cast

  8. Photo of Aldo Ray

    Aldo Ray Cast

  9. Photo of Harry Morgan

    Harry Morgan Cast

  10. Photo of Carroll O'Connor

    Carroll O'Connor Cast

  11. Photo of Leon Askin

    Leon Askin Cast

  12. Photo of Rico Cattani

    Rico Cattani Cast

  13. Photo of Jay Novello

    Jay Novello Cast

  14. Photo of Vito Scotti

    Vito Scotti Cast

  15. Photo of Johnny Seven

    Johnny Seven Cast

  16. Photo of Art Lewis

    Art Lewis Cast

  17. Photo of William Bryant

    William Bryant Cast

  18. Photo of Kurt Kreuger

    Kurt Kreuger Cast

  19. Photo of Robert Carricart

    Robert Carricart Cast

  20. Photo of Ralph Manza

    Ralph Manza Cast

  21. Photo of Danny Francis

    Danny Francis Cast

  22. Photo of Herbert Ellis

    Herbert Ellis Cast

  23. Photo of Ken Wales

    Ken Wales Cast

  24. Photo of Eric Anderson

    Eric Anderson Cast

  25. Photo of Ken Del Conte

    Ken Del Conte Cast

  26. Photo of Thomas Hunter

    Thomas Hunter Cast

  27. Photo of Kelly Johnson

    Kelly Johnson Cast

  28. Photo of Jerry Martin

    Jerry Martin Cast

  29. Photo of Philip H. Lathrop

    Philip H. Lathrop Cinematography

  30. Photo of Henry Mancini

    Henry Mancini Music

  31. Photo of Fernando Carrere

    Fernando Carrere Production Design

  32. Photo of Dick Crockett

    Dick Crockett Producer

  33. Photo of Owen Crump

    Owen Crump Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Ralph E. Winters

    Ralph E. Winters Editing

  35. Photo of Chuck Overhulser

    Chuck Overhulser Sound

  36. Photo of Clem Portman

    Clem Portman Sound

  37. Photo of Francis M. Sarver

    Francis M. Sarver Sound

  38. Photo of James D. Young

    James D. Young Sound

  39. Photo of Jack Bear

    Jack Bear Costume Design