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  1. Photo of Sergio Bianchi

    Sergio Bianchi Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sabina Anzuategui

    Sabina Anzuategui Screenplay

  3. Photo of Eduardo Benain

    Eduardo Benain Screenplay

  4. Photo of Newton Cannito

    Newton Cannito Screenplay

  5. Photo of Nireu Cavalcanti

    Nireu Cavalcanti Screenplay

  6. Photo of Iná Camargo Costa

    Iná Camargo Costa Screenplay

  7. Photo of Machado de Assis

    Machado de Assis Screenplay

  8. Photo of Silvio Guindane

    Silvio Guindane Cast

  9. Photo of Cláudia Mello

    Cláudia Mello Cast

  10. Photo of Herson Capri

    Herson Capri Cast

  11. Photo of Caco Ciocler

    Caco Ciocler Cast

  12. Photo of Lena Roque

    Lena Roque Cast

  13. Photo of Lázaro Ramos

    Lázaro Ramos Cast

  14. Photo of Ana Lúcia Torre

    Ana Lúcia Torre Cast

  15. Photo of Ana Carbatti

    Ana Carbatti Cast

  16. Photo of Myriam Pires

    Myriam Pires Cast

  17. Photo of Caio Blat

    Caio Blat Cast

  18. Photo of Leona Cavalli

    Leona Cavalli Cast

  19. Photo of Danton Mello

    Danton Mello Cast

  20. Photo of Marcelo Corpanni

    Marcelo Corpanni Cinematography

  21. Photo of Renata Tessari

    Renata Tessari Production Design

  22. Photo of Paulo Galváo

    Paulo Galváo Producer

  23. Photo of Patrick Leblanc

    Patrick Leblanc Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Luís Alberto Pereira

    Luís Alberto Pereira Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Paulo Sacramento

    Paulo Sacramento Editing