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  1. El Biffo's rating of the film What Is It?

    Crispin Glover came to town several years ago and screened his strange film at the grand old Castro Theater as part of a presentation that lasted 4 or 5 hours! First there was a bizarre slideshow, pictures that made very little sense, with his maniacal narration which made even less sense, but was an exciting and enthusiastic performance. Then the film, which is mostly played by actors w/ Down's Syndrome, then a Q&A.

  2. thesecretlivesofcats's rating of the film What Is It?

    Is this a movie that is meant to be shown as part of a presentation?

  3. L West's rating of the film What Is It?

    I haven't seen the film, but in an interview he said the film presents taboo subjects and he thought it would be cowardly of him to not be there to answer audience questions about his intentions. He said the fillm challenges how our media puts things in boxes labelled 'good' and 'evil' and forces people to think in certain ways.

  4. film_lies101's rating of the film What Is It?

    I am in total agreement with Cacophonism. The film does seem to go out of its way to try and "shock" the audience, which paradoxically makes it seem terribly dated at times. The film does have a "nostalgic charm" that will remind the viewer the specialness of celluloid, which the digital medium will never accurately capture.

  5. Cacophonism's rating of the film What Is It?

    What is it indeed. I always have heard good things about Crispin Glover. I'm all for subversion in film, but this just seemed forced. Taboo for the sake of being so.

  6. i don't know's rating of the film What Is It?

    Criterion needs to get on this! now.