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  1. Photo of Hans Scheugl

    Hans Scheugl Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Andreas Ribisch

    Andreas Ribisch Cast

  3. Photo of Leopold Ziwotsky

    Leopold Ziwotsky Cast

  4. Photo of Edith Nikendei

    Edith Nikendei Cast

  5. Photo of Elfriede Holzinger

    Elfriede Holzinger Cast

  6. Photo of Elfriede Jelinek

    Elfriede Jelinek Cast

  7. Photo of Christine Frankowicz

    Christine Frankowicz Cast

  8. Photo of Walter Häuselmayer

    Walter Häuselmayer Cast

  9. Photo of Walter Rohrhofer

    Walter Rohrhofer Cast

  10. Photo of Klaus Wittman

    Klaus Wittman Cast

  11. Photo of Haymon Maria Buttinger

    Haymon Maria Buttinger Cast

  12. Photo of Irmgard Sohm

    Irmgard Sohm Cast

  13. Photo of Tamas Uljaki

    Tamas Uljaki Cinematography

  14. Photo of Hubert Sielecki

    Hubert Sielecki Music

  15. Photo of Herbert Baumgartner

    Herbert Baumgartner Editing

  16. Photo of Heinz Bretterbauer

    Heinz Bretterbauer Sound