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  1. Pedro_Fernandes's rating of the film Wheel of Time

  2. SiIencio's rating of the film Wheel of Time

    It is Herzog's forte to gently drag us into the core of the subject matter while at the same time keeping a detached attitude himself, pondering from the distant with Germanic sobriety, unaffected but conscious. In this instant it is not clear whether Herzog even turned up. He seems exceptionally distant, silent, perhaps unable to grasp the magnitude of the subject and therefore settling for quick travel notes.

  3. anarresti's rating of the film Wheel of Time

    This is an essential piece of the herzoguian collection, to get closer to understand the filmmaker. Many admire him for the (un)balance he seems to achive in documentaries like Encounters at The end of the World, where he is able to both look at people and find what is most original and human and also make what seems at times cynical remarks ("such aberrations as yoga classses"). There's no bias againts religion. *