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  1. Photo of Mauricio Walerstein

    Mauricio Walerstein Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Román Chalbaud

    Román Chalbaud Screenplay

  3. Photo of Miguel Otero Silva

    Miguel Otero Silva Screenplay

  4. Photo of Pedro Martínez

    Pedro Martínez Cast

  5. Photo of Orlando Urdaneta

    Orlando Urdaneta Cast

  6. Photo of Valentín Trujillo

    Valentín Trujillo Cast

  7. Photo of Haydée Balza

    Haydée Balza Cast

  8. Photo of Miguel Angel Landa

    Miguel Angel Landa Cast

  9. Photo of Miguel Ángel Fuster

    Miguel Ángel Fuster Music

  10. Photo of Abigail Rojas

    Abigail Rojas Producer and Cinematography

  11. Photo of Samuel Roldán

    Samuel Roldán Producer

  12. Photo of Alcides Longa

    Alcides Longa Editing