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  1. Photo of Michel Brault

    Michel Brault Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Francis Reddy

    Francis Reddy Cast

  3. Photo of David Boutin

    David Boutin Cast

  4. Photo of Micheline Lanctôt

    Micheline Lanctôt Cast

  5. Photo of Claude Gauthier

    Claude Gauthier Cast

  6. Photo of Emmanuel Bilodeau

    Emmanuel Bilodeau Cast

  7. Photo of Sylvain Landry

    Sylvain Landry Cast

  8. Photo of Philippe Lambert

    Philippe Lambert Cast

  9. Photo of Stéphane Simard

    Stéphane Simard Cast

  10. Photo of Pierre Lebeau

    Pierre Lebeau Cast

  11. Photo of Robert Bouvier

    Robert Bouvier Cast

  12. Photo of Roc LaFortune

    Roc LaFortune Cast

  13. Photo of Julian Casey

    Julian Casey Cast

  14. Photo of James Bradford

    James Bradford Cast

  15. Photo of Jean-Robert Bourdage

    Jean-Robert Bourdage Cast

  16. Photo of Stéphane Breton

    Stéphane Breton Cast

  17. Photo of Noël Burton

    Noël Burton Cast

  18. Photo of Suzanne Clément

    Suzanne Clément Cast

  19. Photo of Sean Devine

    Sean Devine Cast

  20. Photo of Tedd Dillon

    Tedd Dillon Cast

  21. Photo of Jessica Malka

    Jessica Malka Cast

  22. Photo of James Rae

    James Rae Cast

  23. Photo of Howard Rosenstein

    Howard Rosenstein Cast

  24. Photo of Dennis St John

    Dennis St John Cast

  25. Photo of Sylvain Brault

    Sylvain Brault Cinematography

  26. Photo of François Dompierre

    François Dompierre Music

  27. Photo of Louise-Marie Beauchamp

    Louise-Marie Beauchamp Production Design

  28. Photo of Anouk Brault

    Anouk Brault Producer

  29. Photo of Claudio Luca

    Claudio Luca Producer

  30. Photo of Daniel Arié

    Daniel Arié Editing

  31. Photo of Sylvain Arseneault

    Sylvain Arseneault Sound

  32. Photo of François Grenon

    François Grenon Sound

  33. Photo of Daniel Vermette

    Daniel Vermette Sound

  34. Photo of Alice Wright

    Alice Wright Sound

  35. Photo of Nicoletta Massone

    Nicoletta Massone Costume Design