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  1. Photo of Tayfun Güneyer

    Tayfun Güneyer Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Vural Öger

    Vural Öger Producer

  3. Photo of Veli Kuzlu

    Veli Kuzlu Cinematography

  4. Photo of Ferhan Şensoy

    Ferhan Şensoy Cast

  5. Photo of Asuman Dabak

    Asuman Dabak Cast

  6. Photo of Zeki Alasya

    Zeki Alasya Cast

  7. Photo of İlkay Saran

    İlkay Saran Cast

  8. Photo of Rasim Oztekin

    Rasim Oztekin Cast

  9. Photo of Necmi Yapıcı

    Necmi Yapıcı Cast

  10. Photo of Fethi Kantarcı

    Fethi Kantarcı Cast

  11. Photo of Alev Gezer

    Alev Gezer Cast

  12. Photo of Ayça Tekindor

    Ayça Tekindor Cast

  13. Photo of Sinan Çetin

    Sinan Çetin Cast

  14. Photo of Doğa Rutkay

    Doğa Rutkay Cast

  15. Photo of Tamer Karadagli

    Tamer Karadagli Cast

  16. Photo of Memet Ali Alabora

    Memet Ali Alabora Cast

  17. Photo of İpek Tuzcuoğlu

    İpek Tuzcuoğlu Cast

  18. Photo of Hakan Yılmaz

    Hakan Yılmaz Cast

  19. Photo of Patrick Chartol

    Patrick Chartol Music

  20. Photo of Jean-Michel Vallet

    Jean-Michel Vallet Music

  21. Photo of Claire Michael

    Claire Michael Music

  22. Photo of Çağrı Türkkan

    Çağrı Türkkan Editing

  23. Photo of Zafer Kanyilmaz

    Zafer Kanyilmaz Production Design