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  1. Photo of Helgi Jóhannsson

    Helgi Jóhannsson Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Halldór Ragnar Halldórsson

    Halldór Ragnar Halldórsson Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gunnar Hansson

    Gunnar Hansson Cast

  4. Photo of Anna Svava Knútsdóttir

    Anna Svava Knútsdóttir Cast

  5. Photo of Jakob van Oosterhout

    Jakob van Oosterhout Cast

  6. Photo of Úlfur Grönvold

    Úlfur Grönvold Cast

  7. Photo of Eva Ström

    Eva Ström Cast

  8. Photo of Halla Ólafsdóttir

    Halla Ólafsdóttir Cast

  9. Photo of Hrafn Garðarsson

    Hrafn Garðarsson Cinematography

  10. Photo of 1860

    1860 Music

  11. Photo of Óli Páll Geirsson

    Óli Páll Geirsson Music

  12. Photo of Atli Viðar Þorsteinsson

    Atli Viðar Þorsteinsson Producer