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Ratings & Reviews

  1. alice's rating of the film When Strangers Marry

    Hitchcockiano senza la finezza e l'attenzione al dettaglio tipiche di Hitchcock.

  2. orangey's rating of the film When Strangers Marry

    Many people will tell you this is a masterpiece of some Jonathan Rosenbaum or the late Orson Wells but it isn't belive me.It's a average B movie from the 40's,with a "twist" that even a 5 year old could see coming.The actors are awfull,and the single thing worse than that is the direction.Avoid at all costs.

  3. Sudipto Basu's rating of the film When Strangers Marry

    Not a flat-out great picture but there are enough little touches that elevate the average story to the ghost of a masterpiece - use of neon lighting, strange intrusions of deadpan humour, lap dissolves, a strange vacuum-like waiting area in a police station, etc. Welles was exaggerating when he compared this favourably to Laura, but it ain't too far off the mark.