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  1. Photo of Teona Strugar Mitevska

    Teona Strugar Mitevska Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Elma Tataragić

    Elma Tataragić Screenplay

  3. Photo of Leon Ristov

    Leon Ristov Cast

  4. Photo of Hanis Bagashov

    Hanis Bagashov Cast

  5. Photo of Stefan Kitanovic

    Stefan Kitanovic Cast

  6. Photo of Dragan Mishevski

    Dragan Mishevski Cast

  7. Photo of Ivan Vrtev Soptrajanov

    Ivan Vrtev Soptrajanov Cast

  8. Photo of Igorco Postolov

    Igorco Postolov Cast

  9. Photo of Perunika Kiselički

    Perunika Kiselički Cast

  10. Photo of Ines Hodic

    Ines Hodic Cast

  11. Photo of Erina Poplavska

    Erina Poplavska Cast

  12. Photo of Agnès Godard

    Agnès Godard Cinematography

  13. Photo of Jean Paul Dessy

    Jean Paul Dessy Music

  14. Photo of Vuk Mitevski

    Vuk Mitevski Production Design

  15. Photo of Labina Mitevska

    Labina Mitevska Producer and Cast

  16. Photo of Stefan Stabenow

    Stefan Stabenow Editing

  17. Photo of Sophie Vercruysse

    Sophie Vercruysse Editing

  18. Photo of Thomas Gauder

    Thomas Gauder Sound

  19. Photo of Paul Heymans

    Paul Heymans Sound