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  1. Photo of Lakis Papastathis

    Lakis Papastathis Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alexis Damianos

    Alexis Damianos Cast

  3. Photo of Costas Arzoglou

    Costas Arzoglou Cast

  4. Photo of Yorgos Sambanis

    Yorgos Sambanis Cast

  5. Photo of Stavros Mermighis

    Stavros Mermighis Cast

  6. Photo of Michail Marmarinos

    Michail Marmarinos Cast

  7. Photo of Mimis Chrisomalis

    Mimis Chrisomalis Cast

  8. Photo of Symeon Kapetanakis

    Symeon Kapetanakis Cast

  9. Photo of Yorgos Kotanidis

    Yorgos Kotanidis Cast

  10. Photo of Constantine Lyras

    Constantine Lyras Cast

  11. Photo of Ivonni Maltezou

    Ivonni Maltezou Cast

  12. Photo of Nena Menti

    Nena Menti Cast

  13. Photo of Stavros Nikolaidis

    Stavros Nikolaidis Cast

  14. Photo of Smaragda Smyrnaiou

    Smaragda Smyrnaiou Cast

  15. Photo of Thodoros Margas

    Thodoros Margas Cinematography

  16. Photo of Giorgios Papadakis

    Giorgios Papadakis Music

  17. Photo of Vangelis Gousias

    Vangelis Gousias Editing and Cast

  18. Photo of Thanassis Arvanitis

    Thanassis Arvanitis Sound

  19. Photo of Petros Smirlis

    Petros Smirlis Sound

  20. Photo of Likourgos Vayakis

    Likourgos Vayakis Sound

  21. Photo of Nikos Politis

    Nikos Politis Costume Design