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  1. Photo of Vlastimir Radovanović

    Vlastimir Radovanović Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Miodrag Petrović-Čkalja

    Miodrag Petrović-Čkalja Cast

  3. Photo of Rahela Ferari

    Rahela Ferari Cast

  4. Photo of Arsen Dedić

    Arsen Dedić Cast

  5. Photo of Aleksandar Fotez

    Aleksandar Fotez Cast

  6. Photo of Vojin Kajganić

    Vojin Kajganić Cast

  7. Photo of Mirjana Marković

    Mirjana Marković Cast

  8. Photo of Branislav Milaković

    Branislav Milaković Cast

  9. Photo of Aleksandar Sekulović

    Aleksandar Sekulović Cinematography

  10. Photo of Vojislav Kostic

    Vojislav Kostic Music

  11. Photo of Vladislav Lalicki

    Vladislav Lalicki Production Design

  12. Photo of Žarko Pavlović

    Žarko Pavlović Producer

  13. Photo of Ljerka Stanojevic

    Ljerka Stanojevic Editing

  14. Photo of Bojana Subota

    Bojana Subota Editing

  15. Photo of Vladimir Dodig

    Vladimir Dodig Sound

  16. Photo of Slavica Lalicki

    Slavica Lalicki Costume Design