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  1. bulgrin's rating of the film When We Leave

    You can learn so much about parallel society, oppression, misogyny and religion from this that it is highly recommended to watch this. And Sibel Kekili is so good in this.

  2. camille's rating of the film When We Leave

    très dépressif, j'ai presque envie de pleurer pour cet enfant de 5 ans tout au long du film. la fin est un peu absurde

  3. azoulay's rating of the film When We Leave

    c'est un film outrageusement exagéré qui définitivement classe les gens en deux catégories les bons et les méchants.Le scénario se plie aux exigences d'une narration idéologique ( Ah le frangin qui laisse la lettre de la soeur trainer sous les yeux de l'ainé!). On ne peut que rejeter ce cinéma qui ne dénonce rien à force de trop vouloir prouver. La fin est scandaleuse même si c'est vrai comme disent les américains.

  4. ehk2's rating of the film When We Leave

    Good, touching but somewhat overstretched. Almost no (especially well-off) Turkish family abandons their daughter because of an undesirable but inevitable divorce after an unhappy marriage; no matter how conservative they are. Divorce is not forbidden in religion and living as a single-parent family is not a life-and-death issue; unlike in a former century. This is not a violation of honour in most cases.

  5.'s rating of the film When We Leave

    Wer kennt diese Charaktere: Den weichen und letztlich gebrochenen Vater, die verständnisvolle Mutter und den durchgeknallten Bruder? Sie alle treten auf in die Fremde. Ihre hervorragende Charaktereigenschaft: Türkisch zu sein(...)

  6. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film When We Leave

  7. msmichel's rating of the film When We Leave

    Sibel Kekilli gives one of the most anquishing and emotionally draining performances in recent memory in this fine work by young director Feo Aladag who offers a mature work far past her years. Not an easy watch true but rewarding in how it questions our perceptions and prejudices watching a societal tradition we cannot fathom. ' if they have to choose between you and the community the community will always win"

  8. Kleine's rating of the film When We Leave

  9. Daniel S.'s rating of the film When We Leave

    Culture. Religion. Ignorance. In whatever order. Highly recommended.

  10. Emma Joye's rating of the film When We Leave

    I'm a fan, but I NEVER want to see this movie again. I was emotionally wrecked for days after seeing it. It's a subject that happens daily in this world. When 'how people view us' gets more important that 'humanity'.

  11. oldeuboi's rating of the film When We Leave

    What year these people lives? The never ending sorrow just made it look like a cheesy 70's melodrama.

  12. MR. Universe's rating of the film When We Leave

    Ultra depressing, hard to sit through. the film just seems cruel to this young woman and it keeps piling on the hardships. For no particular reason. it was like emotional torture porn. Well acted but still. It is a onslaught. Just a bit too much.

  13. Noah's rating of the film When We Leave

    When we leave is depressing in the most constrictive of ways. The film showcases the stranglehold of fundamentalist religious beliefs and their inappropriate place in the modern world. Actor-turned-director Feo Aladag does an exemplary job of showing that evil exists but never making any of the characters one-notedly evil. It's a brutal, emotionally draining film, but one surely worth watching.

  14. lukasbicho's rating of the film When We Leave

    Emocional y un poco manida, esta cinta que tiene sus admiradores me dejó un tanto indiferente y en otros momentos, me puse del lado de la familia de la protagonista, Umay. Es la típica disyuntiva de nuestro tiempo: permanecer fiel a la cultura a la que se pertenece, o desertar a "Occidente", el lugar de la libertad, o la tontería... Aladag juega con el espectador desde el principio, y luego con sus sentimientos.

  15. Ben Gook's rating of the film When We Leave

  16. hochaus's rating of the film When We Leave

    This film presents no new insight to Turkish/Islamic cultural issues to those already informed. If you are one, move along.