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  1. Photo of Bruno Corbucci

    Bruno Corbucci Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Edmondo Amati

    Edmondo Amati Producer

  3. Photo of Fabio Pittorru

    Fabio Pittorru Screenplay

  4. Photo of Massimo Felisatti

    Massimo Felisatti Screenplay

  5. Photo of Fausto Zuccoli

    Fausto Zuccoli Cinematography

  6. Photo of Vincenzo Tomassi

    Vincenzo Tomassi Editing

  7. Photo of Nedo Azzini

    Nedo Azzini Production Design

  8. Photo of Giancarlo Chiaramello

    Giancarlo Chiaramello Music

  9. Photo of Antonio Sabato

    Antonio Sabato Cast

  10. Photo of Aldo Giuffrè

    Aldo Giuffrè Cast

  11. Photo of Vittorio Caprioli

    Vittorio Caprioli Cast

  12. Photo of Nadia Cassini

    Nadia Cassini Cast

  13. Photo of Howard Ross

    Howard Ross Cast

  14. Photo of Elio Pandolfi

    Elio Pandolfi Cast

  15. Photo of Lucretia Love

    Lucretia Love Cast

  16. Photo of Pia Giancaro

    Pia Giancaro Cast

  17. Photo of Gisela Hahn

    Gisela Hahn Cast

  18. Photo of Valeria Fabrizi

    Valeria Fabrizi Cast

  19. Photo of Sandro Dori

    Sandro Dori Cast

  20. Photo of Vittorio Congia

    Vittorio Congia Cast

  21. Photo of Elio Crovetto

    Elio Crovetto Cast

  22. Photo of Patrizia Adiutori

    Patrizia Adiutori Cast

  23. Photo of Umberto Di Grazia

    Umberto Di Grazia Cast

  24. Photo of Adler Gray

    Adler Gray Cast

  25. Photo of Enzo Maggio

    Enzo Maggio Cast

  26. Photo of Franco Pasquetto

    Franco Pasquetto Cast

  27. Photo of Mimmo Poli

    Mimmo Poli Cast

  28. Photo of Bruna Beani

    Bruna Beani Cast

  29. Photo of Artemio Antonini

    Artemio Antonini Cast

  30. Photo of Annabella Incontrera

    Annabella Incontrera Cast