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  1. Photo of Jean-Pierre Melville

    Jean-Pierre Melville Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Philippe Lemaire

    Philippe Lemaire Cast

  3. Photo of Juliette Gréco

    Juliette Gréco Cast

  4. Photo of Yvonne Sanson

    Yvonne Sanson Cast

  5. Photo of Irène Galter

    Irène Galter Cast

  6. Photo of Daniel Cauchy

    Daniel Cauchy Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Dalban

    Robert Dalban Cast

  8. Photo of Yvonne de Bray

    Yvonne de Bray Cast

  9. Photo of Jacques Deval

    Jacques Deval Cast and Screenplay

  10. Photo of Fernand Sardou

    Fernand Sardou Cast

  11. Photo of Claude Borelli

    Claude Borelli Cast

  12. Photo of Roland Lesaffre

    Roland Lesaffre Cast

  13. Photo of Marcel Delaître

    Marcel Delaître Cast

  14. Photo of Colette Regis

    Colette Regis Cast

  15. Photo of Jane Morlet

    Jane Morlet Cast

  16. Photo of Suzy Willy

    Suzy Willy Cast

  17. Photo of Henri Alekan

    Henri Alekan Cinematography

  18. Photo of Bernard Peiffer

    Bernard Peiffer Music

  19. Photo of Robert Gys

    Robert Gys Production Design

  20. Photo of Paul Temps

    Paul Temps Producer

  21. Photo of Marinette Cadix

    Marinette Cadix Editing

  22. Photo of Julien Coutelier

    Julien Coutelier Sound