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  1. Photo of Adil İsgandarov

    Adil İsgandarov Director

  2. Photo of Sabit Rahman

    Sabit Rahman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yuli Fogelman

    Yuli Fogelman Cinematography

  4. Photo of Mammad Hüseynov

    Mammad Hüseynov Production Design

  5. Photo of Rauf Haciyev

    Rauf Haciyev Music

  6. Photo of L. Klyakşt

    L. Klyakşt Editing

  7. Photo of Tahira Babayeva

    Tahira Babayeva Editing

  8. Photo of Mammadrza Şeyxzamanov

    Mammadrza Şeyxzamanov Cast

  9. Photo of Naciba Malikova

    Naciba Malikova Cast

  10. Photo of Elxan Qasımov

    Elxan Qasımov Cast

  11. Photo of Nonna Paçuaşvili

    Nonna Paçuaşvili Cast

  12. Photo of Mustafa Mardanov

    Mustafa Mardanov Cast

  13. Photo of Agahüseyn Cavadov

    Agahüseyn Cavadov Cast

  14. Photo of Lütfali Abdullayev

    Lütfali Abdullayev Cast

  15. Photo of Eldaniz Zeynalov

    Eldaniz Zeynalov Cast

  16. Photo of Lena Tolstova

    Lena Tolstova Cast

  17. Photo of Sayavuş Aslan

    Sayavuş Aslan Cast

  18. Photo of Novruz Axundov

    Novruz Axundov Cast

  19. Photo of Töhfa Azimova

    Töhfa Azimova Cast