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  1. Photo of Henry Levin

    Henry Levin Director

  2. Photo of George Wells

    George Wells Screenplay

  3. Photo of Glendon Swarthout

    Glendon Swarthout Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dolores Hart

    Dolores Hart Cast

  5. Photo of George Hamilton

    George Hamilton Cast

  6. Photo of Yvette Mimieux

    Yvette Mimieux Cast

  7. Photo of Jim Hutton

    Jim Hutton Cast

  8. Photo of Barbara Nichols

    Barbara Nichols Cast

  9. Photo of Paula Prentiss

    Paula Prentiss Cast

  10. Photo of Chill Wills

    Chill Wills Cast

  11. Photo of Frank Gorshin

    Frank Gorshin Cast

  12. Photo of Rory Harrity

    Rory Harrity Cast

  13. Photo of Ted Berger

    Ted Berger Cast

  14. Photo of John Brennan

    John Brennan Cast

  15. Photo of Connie Francis

    Connie Francis Cast

  16. Photo of Carol Byron

    Carol Byron Cast

  17. Photo of John Cliff

    John Cliff Cast

  18. Photo of Amy Douglass

    Amy Douglass Cast

  19. Photo of Percy Helton

    Percy Helton Cast

  20. Photo of Vito Scotti

    Vito Scotti Cast

  21. Photo of Robert J. Bronner

    Robert J. Bronner Cinematography

  22. Photo of George Stoll

    George Stoll Music

  23. Photo of E. Preston Ames

    E. Preston Ames Production Design

  24. Photo of George W. Davis

    George W. Davis Production Design

  25. Photo of Joe Pasternak

    Joe Pasternak Producer

  26. Photo of Fredric Steinkamp

    Fredric Steinkamp Editing

  27. Photo of Franklin Milton

    Franklin Milton Sound

  28. Photo of Van Allen James

    Van Allen James Sound

  29. Photo of Kitty Mager

    Kitty Mager Costume Design