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  1. Photo of Ezel Akay

    Ezel Akay Director and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Ufuk Ahiska

    Ufuk Ahiska Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Ziya Öner

    Ziya Öner Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Yonca Ertürk

    Yonca Ertürk Producer

  5. Photo of Levent Kazak

    Levent Kazak Screenplay

  6. Photo of Özcan Deniz

    Özcan Deniz Cast

  7. Photo of Demet Akbağ

    Demet Akbağ Cast

  8. Photo of Haluk Bilginer

    Haluk Bilginer Cast

  9. Photo of Şebnem Dönmez

    Şebnem Dönmez Cast

  10. Photo of Ata Demirer

    Ata Demirer Cast

  11. Photo of Cem Özer

    Cem Özer Cast

  12. Photo of Zeynep Eronat

    Zeynep Eronat Cast

  13. Photo of Ragıp Savaş

    Ragıp Savaş Cast

  14. Photo of Ruhi Sari

    Ruhi Sari Cast

  15. Photo of Janset Paçal

    Janset Paçal Cast

  16. Photo of Ahu Türkpençe

    Ahu Türkpençe Cast

  17. Photo of Hamdi Alkan

    Hamdi Alkan Cast

  18. Photo of Mustafa Presheva

    Mustafa Presheva Editing

  19. Photo of Hayk Kirakosyan

    Hayk Kirakosyan Production Design and Cinematography

  20. Photo of Ender Akay

    Ender Akay Music

  21. Photo of Sunay Özgür

    Sunay Özgür Music

  22. Photo of Hasan Baran

    Hasan Baran Sound

  23. Photo of Fırat Çavaş

    Fırat Çavaş Sound

  24. Photo of Serdar Ongoren

    Serdar Ongoren Sound

  25. Photo of Can Deniz Sahin

    Can Deniz Sahin Costume Design