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  1. Photo of Hasse Ekman

    Hasse Ekman Director, Producer, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Walter Ljungquist

    Walter Ljungquist Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tollie Zellman

    Tollie Zellman Cast

  4. Photo of Olof Winnerstrand

    Olof Winnerstrand Cast

  5. Photo of Inga Landgré

    Inga Landgré Cast

  6. Photo of Marianne Löfgren

    Marianne Löfgren Cast

  7. Photo of Gunn Wållgren

    Gunn Wållgren Cast

  8. Photo of Gunnar Björnstrand

    Gunnar Björnstrand Cast

  9. Photo of Gösta Cederlund

    Gösta Cederlund Cast

  10. Photo of Nils Kihlberg

    Nils Kihlberg Cast

  11. Photo of Hjördis Petterson

    Hjördis Petterson Cast

  12. Photo of Douglas Håge

    Douglas Håge Cast

  13. Photo of Hampe Faustman

    Hampe Faustman Cast

  14. Photo of Stig Järrel

    Stig Järrel Cast

  15. Photo of Tord Stål

    Tord Stål Cast

  16. Photo of Gunnar Öhlund

    Gunnar Öhlund Cast

  17. Photo of Birgitta Arman

    Birgitta Arman Cast

  18. Photo of Edvard Danielsson

    Edvard Danielsson Cast

  19. Photo of Harald Berglund

    Harald Berglund Cinematography

  20. Photo of Miff Görling

    Miff Görling Music

  21. Photo of Lennart Wallén

    Lennart Wallén Editing