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  1. Photo of Léonide Moguy

    Léonide Moguy Director

  2. Photo of Seymour Nebenzal

    Seymour Nebenzal Producer

  3. Photo of Maritta M. Wolff

    Maritta M. Wolff Screenplay

  4. Photo of Philip Yordan

    Philip Yordan Screenplay

  5. Photo of Russell Metty

    Russell Metty Cinematography

  6. Photo of George Raft

    George Raft Cast

  7. Photo of Ava Gardner

    Ava Gardner Cast

  8. Photo of Victor McLaglen

    Victor McLaglen Cast

  9. Photo of Tom Conway

    Tom Conway Cast

  10. Photo of Jorja Curtright

    Jorja Curtright Cast

  11. Photo of Jane Nigh

    Jane Nigh Cast

  12. Photo of Florence Bates

    Florence Bates Cast

  13. Photo of Charles Drake

    Charles Drake Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Judels

    Charles Judels Cast

  15. Photo of Carmel Myers

    Carmel Myers Cast

  16. Photo of Jimmy Conlin

    Jimmy Conlin Cast

  17. Photo of Jimmy Ames

    Jimmy Ames Cast

  18. Photo of Mack Gray

    Mack Gray Cast

  19. Photo of Ewing Miles Brown

    Ewing Miles Brown Cast

  20. Photo of Jack George

    Jack George Cast

  21. Photo of Gregg C. Tallas

    Gregg C. Tallas Editing

  22. Photo of Rudi Feld

    Rudi Feld Production Design

  23. Photo of Dimitri Tiomkin

    Dimitri Tiomkin Music

  24. Photo of Corson Jowett

    Corson Jowett Sound