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  1. Photo of Fábio Barreto

    Fábio Barreto Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Amy Ephron

    Amy Ephron Screenplay

  3. Photo of José Almino

    José Almino Screenplay

  4. Photo of José Lins do Rego

    José Lins do Rego Screenplay

  5. Photo of Natasha Henstridge

    Natasha Henstridge Cast

  6. Photo of Eduardo Moscovis

    Eduardo Moscovis Cast

  7. Photo of Sophie Ward

    Sophie Ward Cast

  8. Photo of Letícia Sabatella

    Letícia Sabatella Cast

  9. Photo of Florinda Bolkan

    Florinda Bolkan Cast

  10. Photo of Andrew McCarthy

    Andrew McCarthy Cast

  11. Photo of Guilherme Karan

    Guilherme Karan Cast

  12. Photo of Ângelo Antônio

    Ângelo Antônio Cast

  13. Photo of Odilon Wagner

    Odilon Wagner Cast

  14. Photo of Jackson Costa

    Jackson Costa Cast

  15. Photo of Nildo Parente

    Nildo Parente Cast

  16. Photo of Arduíno Colassanti

    Arduíno Colassanti Cast

  17. Photo of Jurandir de Oliveira

    Jurandir de Oliveira Cast

  18. Photo of Rita Martins

    Rita Martins Cast

  19. Photo of Charles Paraventi

    Charles Paraventi Cast

  20. Photo of Domingos Alcântara

    Domingos Alcântara Cast

  21. Photo of Félix Monti

    Félix Monti Cinematography

  22. Photo of Dori Caymmi

    Dori Caymmi Music

  23. Photo of Helio Eichbauer

    Helio Eichbauer Production Design

  24. Photo of Lucy Barreto

    Lucy Barreto Producer

  25. Photo of Luiz Carlos Barreto

    Luiz Carlos Barreto Producer

  26. Photo of Maria Da Salete

    Maria Da Salete Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Caroline Biggerstaff

    Caroline Biggerstaff Editing

  28. Photo of Virginia Flores

    Virginia Flores Editing