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  1. dionysus67's rating of the film White Hell of Pitz Palu

    Exemplary adventure with the charismatic duo of Riefenstahl and Diesl providing expressive and understated performances. With riveting cinematography and low-angle/high-angle/medium and long shots of the deadly crevaces, the glaciers and the icy stalactites this plays up the tropes of German Romanticism, yet primarily it's adventure of the first order. The rescue team's torches in the crevices is a brilliant scene!

  2. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film White Hell of Pitz Palu

    the fateful day mentioned here is october 6, 1925. watching it 90 years later brrrr

  3. suede's rating of the film White Hell of Pitz Palu

    Probably the greatest of the Bergfilme. Fanck classic. If you're a cinephile and into silents, or action, or simply snow & mountaineering, then this is a must-see. No excuses: it's easy to obtain.* People put their lives on the line for films like this to be made. // Ashley Irwin's 1998 orch. score: brilliant. // Gustav Diessl, too. // As of 05 Sep. 2015, this had a mere 48 ratings on Mubi. Incredible.

  4. chanandre's rating of the film White Hell of Pitz Palu

    Tarantino put me up to this. That guy is a huge movie buff. His love made me wanna see this bad so that when I've re-watched Inglourious Basterds I can understand that masterpiece a little better. Coming from Pabst this has to be a masterpiece. I mean it HAS to be. I wonder where Tarantino's seen this?Did he see it on Film Print? VHS? Film Fest? DVD?Hum...still, have to see this one day. I must, have to, shall, will.

  5. Henrique Verkündigung's rating of the film White Hell of Pitz Palu

    what a fucking amazing movie, i guess you couldn't ask for more when you get pabst, franck and riefenstahl together. They capture some fantastic footage deep into the snow, love the ending scene where Riefenstahl smiles for the camera. 3 great directors in a single movie.