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Ratings & Reviews

  1. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film White Night Wedding

    A film of literary characters, representing ideas, who do crazy things because it's the logical extentions of their concepts, not of people; it wishes both cozy folksiness and intellectual honesty achieving neither. There are moments of truth but too far between to justify the three that I want to give it.

  2. Dominic Rainsford's rating of the film White Night Wedding

    Not entirely taken by the mixture of tragedy and whimsy. Magnetism of central character insufficiently embodied or explained. Some really good supporting actors, esp. the women.

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film White Night Wedding

    Inspiré selon le metteur en scène par la comédie dramatique d'Anton Tchekov "Ivanov", cette réalisation islandaise baigne dans un humour désabusé, absurde et grinçant, teinté de pataquès et de dérision, parcourue de personnages hauts en couleur, brouillée par une légendaire dipsomanie nordique, qui se révèle finalement bien plus sombre et amère que l'apparent comique qui se dégage de prime abord..

  4. Alain Leun's rating of the film White Night Wedding

    I didn't expect so much by this one although Kormakur had some admirable filmography before.It was certainly an astonishing work,full of life and admirable authenticity about a very touching matter.Until now Kormakur's best work for me.Expect more....

  5. Pedja's rating of the film White Night Wedding

    Interesting, unpredictable, and shadows of the white nights falls in a distance, as well as in character's souls.