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  1. Photo of Dayahang Rai

    Dayahang Rai Cast

  2. Photo of Amrit Pariyar

    Amrit Pariyar Cast

  3. Photo of Asha Magrati

    Asha Magrati Cast

  4. Photo of Sumi Malla

    Sumi Malla Cast

  5. Photo of Rabindra Singh Baniya

    Rabindra Singh Baniya Cast

  6. Photo of Deepak Chhetri

    Deepak Chhetri Cast

  7. Photo of Deshbakhta Khanal

    Deshbakhta Khanal Cast

  8. Photo of Mark Ellam

    Mark Ellam Cinematography

  9. Photo of David Barker

    David Barker Editing and Screenplay

  10. Photo of Menuka Rai

    Menuka Rai Production Design

  11. Photo of Aki Thekpa

    Aki Thekpa Production Design

  12. Photo of Vivek Maddala

    Vivek Maddala Music

  13. Photo of Joslyn Barnes

    Joslyn Barnes Producer

  14. Photo of Deepak Rauniyar

    Deepak Rauniyar Producer, Screenplay Director

  15. Photo of Jan van der Zanden

    Jan van der Zanden Producer

  16. Photo of Ineke Kanters

    Ineke Kanters Producer