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  1. Photo of Stuart Walker

    Stuart Walker Director

  2. Photo of Samuel Hoffenstein

    Samuel Hoffenstein Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gladys Lehman

    Gladys Lehman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Norman Reilly Raine

    Norman Reilly Raine Screenplay

  5. Photo of Frank Butler

    Frank Butler Screenplay

  6. Photo of Carole Lombard

    Carole Lombard Cast

  7. Photo of Charles Laughton

    Charles Laughton Cast

  8. Photo of Charles Bickford

    Charles Bickford Cast

  9. Photo of Kent Taylor

    Kent Taylor Cast

  10. Photo of Percy Kilbride

    Percy Kilbride Cast

  11. Photo of James Bell

    James Bell Cast

  12. Photo of Charles Middleton

    Charles Middleton Cast

  13. Photo of Claude King

    Claude King Cast

  14. Photo of Ethel Griffies

    Ethel Griffies Cast

  15. Photo of James Dime

    James Dime Cast

  16. Photo of Marc Lawrence

    Marc Lawrence Cast

  17. Photo of Tetsu Komai

    Tetsu Komai Cast

  18. Photo of Noble Johnson

    Noble Johnson Cast

  19. Photo of Harry Fischbeck

    Harry Fischbeck Cinematography

  20. Photo of Karl Hajos

    Karl Hajos Music

  21. Photo of John Leipold

    John Leipold Music

  22. Photo of Hans Dreier

    Hans Dreier Production Design

  23. Photo of Harry Oliver

    Harry Oliver Production Design

  24. Photo of E. Lloyd Sheldon

    E. Lloyd Sheldon Producer

  25. Photo of Jane Loring

    Jane Loring Editing