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  1. Photo of Lewis Collins

    Lewis Collins Cast

  2. Photo of Judy Davis

    Judy Davis Cast

  3. Photo of Richard Widmark

    Richard Widmark Cast

  4. Photo of Edward Woodward

    Edward Woodward Cast

  5. Photo of Robert Webber

    Robert Webber Cast

  6. Photo of Tony Doyle

    Tony Doyle Cast

  7. Photo of John Duttine

    John Duttine Cast

  8. Photo of Kenneth Griffith

    Kenneth Griffith Cast

  9. Photo of Ian Sharp

    Ian Sharp Director

  10. Photo of Ingrid Pitt

    Ingrid Pitt Cast

  11. Photo of Phil Meheux

    Phil Meheux Cinematography

  12. Photo of Roy Budd

    Roy Budd Music

  13. Photo of John Grover

    John Grover Editing

  14. Photo of Euan Lloyd

    Euan Lloyd Producer

  15. Photo of Rosalind Lloyd

    Rosalind Lloyd Cast

  16. Photo of Norman Rodway

    Norman Rodway Cast

  17. Photo of Maurice Roëves

    Maurice Roëves Cast

  18. Photo of Bob Sherman

    Bob Sherman Cast

  19. Photo of Albert Fortell

    Albert Fortell Cast

  20. Photo of Mark Ryan

    Mark Ryan Cast

  21. Photo of Patrick Allen

    Patrick Allen Cast

  22. Photo of Aharon Ipalé

    Aharon Ipalé Cast

  23. Photo of Paul Freeman

    Paul Freeman Cast

  24. Photo of George Markstein

    George Markstein Screenplay

  25. Photo of Reginald Rose

    Reginald Rose Screenplay

  26. Photo of Chris Chrisafis

    Chris Chrisafis Executive Producer