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  1. Photo of Michael J. Bird

    Michael J. Bird Screenplay

  2. Photo of William Slater

    William Slater Producer and Director

  3. Photo of Myles Lang

    Myles Lang Production Design

  4. Photo of Max Samett

    Max Samett Cinematography

  5. Photo of Bill Shapter

    Bill Shapter Editing

  6. Photo of Yannis Markopoulos

    Yannis Markopoulos Music

  7. Photo of Tudor George

    Tudor George Costume Design

  8. Photo of Arthur Chesterman

    Arthur Chesterman Sound

  9. Photo of Ramon Bailey

    Ramon Bailey Sound

  10. Photo of Jack Hedley

    Jack Hedley Cast

  11. Photo of Betty Arvaniti

    Betty Arvaniti Cast

  12. Photo of Stefan Gryff

    Stefan Gryff Cast

  13. Photo of Neil McCarthy

    Neil McCarthy Cast

  14. Photo of Takis Emmanuel

    Takis Emmanuel Cast

  15. Photo of Patience Collier

    Patience Collier Cast

  16. Photo of Nikos Verlekis

    Nikos Verlekis Cast